Papelagem - Graphic Design and Printing
Papelagem has been providing graphic design services on an outstaffing basis since 2013 for the whole world.
Be Creative. Stick to the point.

Focus on your business.
We take care of the image.

We work as a remote team specialized in graphic design, photocomposition and pagination, assimilating and scrupulously applying the identity, graphic rules and particularities of each project to companies that bet and trust in our ability and suitability to function as another department of their own companies.

Our performance implies having access to information, resources and IT from the companies that seek us.

It is a service and confidentiality contract that also establishes a unique relationship of trust and immense responsibility of which we are proud and take care daily.

This service allows your company to drastically reduce investment in human resources, freeing up capital to invest in the nature and expansion of your business.